5 Things to Consider When Looking at Netbooks

Netbooks may be cheap and all, but that does not mean you should go ahead and buy the first netbook you come across. As with any other kind of shopping, there is an art to shopping for netbooks. And if you are considering making netbooks a part of your life, here are some tips to consider:

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Consider your needs and wants

There are roughly two types of netbooks in the market today, netbooks with Solid State Drives (SSD) and netbooks with Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSD netbooks boot faster, are able to withstand impact and are generally more reliable in terms of performance. But they are also notorious for having low storage capacities (the SSD netbooks that do have high storage capacity are very expensive). On the other hand, HDD netbooks can store up to 160GB of data on the hard drive, but they are less tough than their SSD counterparts. So what does have to do with you? It’s all about your needs and wants. Do you want a fast netbook with low storage or a netbook with high capacity but boots slower?

Consider the brand

Netbooks are making a big presence in the market today. The start of netbooks can be dated back to 2007, but there are many different manufacturers and brands of netbooks that are available to compare and choose from today. Different manufacturers have different key signature features like a small keyboard or a larger widescreen. These various brands of netbooks are also known for different offerings which make each brand and model of netbooks a fit for all different types and users of netbooks. Because of this, it definitely pays to do some research on what each netbook offers.

Consider the Operating System

Just like the traditional desktop computer, there is completion between Windows, Mac, and others when it relates to netbooks. Many manufacturers are set on which operating system comes loaded on their netbooks, but some netbook manufactures will give you the option of which operating system you want to be loaded on your netbook. Again, this is a user preference that should be weighed when deciding which netbook to purchase.

Consider User Reviews

One way to put netbooks to the “test” without actually using it is to read reviews users write about specific netbooks. Manufactures are always going to portray their product as the “latest and greatest” product on the market. User reviews are an honest, first-hand rundown on a particular netbook model. Another great way to get reviews of specific netbook brands or models is to search for forums on the different netbook models.

Consider Comparison Shopping

One rule that I follow for everything I shop for online is to never settle on the first price you see on a shopping website. You should compare prices on specific models of netbooks from at least three different vendors before ordering your netbook. Some shopping websites can offer their netbooks for less than others because they order a large wholesale purchase. If you buy online, also factor in the cost to ship your netbook in with the total price to determine the best value. No matter where you buy your netbooks from, online or in a retail store, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable website or company.

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