Acer Aspire One Samsung P-SSD1800 Review

When I originally purchased my Acer Aspire One 8.9inch 8GB SSD netbook (Acer Aspire One ZG5 – AOA 110) in August 2008 with Linux, it was my first experience with an SSD drive. Although it is a very durable netbook for throwing into a backpack when riding my bike due to no moving parts, the performance makes me want to throw this netbook from a very high building, or out a window. But it has become the best purchase I have made for my business, allowing me to work on the bus, in the car, and when traveling. In fact, I had originally purchased the Acer Aspire One so I could do some contract web development work in the evenings during a fishing trip, and at $329 (plus $25 for an additional 1GB of ram, 1.5GB total) it more than paid for itself on just that trip.

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My personal experience with the Acer Aspire One under Linux with the Acer Aspire One Linux distribution, and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux distribution was that the SSD could fairly easily keep up for what I was using my Acer Aspire One netbook for. However, due to my desire to run Adobe Dreamweaver on my Acer Aspire One netbook (I couldn’t get Dreamweaver to work under Wine satisfactorily), I upgraded to Windows XP within the first three weeks. And then when Microsoft started their Windows 7 Beta I installed Windows 7 in January, and currently have RC1 installed. Since then my Acer Aspire One netbook and I have had a love-hate relationship, the benchmarks speak for themselves.

Samsung P-SSD1800 8GB Specifications:

  • UDMA/66 Interface
  • PATA ZIF Connector
  • 30-35 MB/sec Read
  • 13 MB/sec Write
  • Available in 8GB or 16GB SSDs

Samsung P-SSD1800 8GB Windows 7 Benchmarks

HDTach Benchmark

Samsung P-SSD1800 8GB HDTach Benchmark

Ideal performance on Windows 7 RC1 when Idle

Acer Aspire One

As you can see the performance above is all over the place, with spikes in the performance. In fact to get the ideal Acer Aspire One benchmark above I had to run HDTach at least half a dozen times!!

Atto Disk Windows 7 Benchmark

Samsung P-SSD1800 8GB Atto Benchmark

Atto produced some very interesting and inconsistent results on the Acer Aspire One P-SSD1800 drive. Generally, the performance should increase until an optimal block size has been increased, and then be fairly consistent. However after reaching a write block size of 64Kb, the performance went downhill, and then back up but never exceeded the speed at 64Kb. The Acer Aspire One read speed however was fairly consistent after 64Kb, you can see some similar spikes to HDTach at 256Kb the speed was half of 128Kb!

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If you thinking of using Windows 7 on an older Acer Aspire One 8GB SSD unit I would recommend stick with XP. In fact, trying to play a DVD Rip XviD on the SSD was too jerky during playback to watch, however, it was extremely smooth when played off of a Patriot 16GB Class 6 SHDC card!

Given the inconsistent performance of the Samsung P-SSD1800 Ver2 8GB PATA ZIF SSD Drive if you own one already you have most likely debating multiple times on upgrading to a faster drive. If you are looking for a ZIF PATA SSD there are much better drives on the market. As soon as we test one, we will update this post with our ZIF PATA SSD upgrade recommendations.

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