Best 3 Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools in 2020

A hard drive diagnostic tool is something that is used to diagnose the problems with a hard drive. It can be used to assess the current condition of your hard drive and can tell you that a hard drive is going to fail soon. The tool runs several different and varying tests on your hard drive to determine its condition.

Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools

Hard drive diagnostic tools are very useful as they help you to consider if it is time to buy a new hard drive and move your data over before it fails. They utilize SMART technology in modern hard drives. SMART warns users of an impending hard drive failure, while there is still time to backup your data. There are many factors that come into play when SMART determines a hard drive”s current health status. Software utilizing SMART lists the individual details and whether they are passing or not.

Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools

There are many manufacturers of hard drive diagnostic software, usually hard drive manufacturers. Some of these companies are Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, and Samsung. All of their software has different features and interface, but all use SMART for the hard drive tests.

Seagate Hard Drive Diagnostic Tool

Seagate”s hard drive diagnostic tool is called SeaTools. SeaTools is simple and easy to use utility that helps you to determine the status of your hard drive quickly. This software works on all hard drives that use a USB, SATA, Firewire, SCSI, or IDE connection to the computer. It is virtually compatible with almost all hard drives currently, making it a very useful tool for all hard drive owners.

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Western Digital Hard Drive Diagnostic Tool

Western Digital also makes a hard drive diagnostic program, which is called Data Lifeguard. It is currently only compatible with Western Digital manufactured hard drives. Data Lifeguard can be used on Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. There are four options in the program to choose from, simplifying things. You just need to press on the test you want to perform and click start, Data Lifeguard will inform you if your hard drive passed or failed.

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Hitachi’s Drive Fitness Test

Hitachi”s Drive Fitness Test also reliably tests SATA, IDE, and SCSI hard drives. You must boot this software from your CD/DVD drive after burning the disk image to a CD. Because of this, Drive Fitness Test is also compatible with Linux operating systems, in addition, to supporting Windows operating systems. Added features include logging of hard drive issues, three modes of operation, and identification of your hard drive temperature. These additional make Drive Fitness Tool an extremely good all-in-one utility for your hard drive.

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Hard Drive Recovery Tools

Irremediably at some point, you”ll have a damaged hard drive and all your data will be at risk. No need to worry however because there are many hard drive data recovery tools that you can use to this end. These tools are useful because many times when your hard drive can”t be accessed directly by your operating system, you can still do it with these tools.

There are many hard drive recovery utility out there, but you”ll only really want to stay with the best hard drive recovery tool, assuming that you can afford it. If you don”t want to spend too much money, or no money at all, it is OK because there are freeware hard drive recovery utility too, although they are not as efficient.

There are many hard drive recovery utility out there, but you”ll only really want to stay with the best hard drive recovery tool, assuming that you can afford it. If you don”t want to spend too much money, or no money at all, it is OK because there are freeware hard drive recovery utility too, although they are not as efficient.

VirtualLab Data Recovery Download

A freeware hard drive recovery utility is VirtualLab”s Data Recovery Software that can save your data from almost any situation. However, unlike the previous solution, you need to run it in Windows, which means that you need a second hard drive with Windows installed in order to run it properly. If the second hard drive is not a problem, then this is a free and very efficient tool too.


You may also try to use the recovery tool from your hard drive”s manufacturer. Western Digital hard drive recovery utility, Maxtor hard drive recovery utility, amongst other brands that also have their own tools and are accessible and also very good, although they are specifically made for each hard drive. You should not attempt to use the recovery utility of one brand in another brand”s hard drive or you may damage it.

If you have doubts, you can take your hard drive to a professional specialist who will recommend you the best hard drive recovery tool for your case so that you don”t have to spend money unless necessary. You just have to remember however that sometimes a hard drive may be too badly damaged to have anything recovered from it, but that should not prevent you from trying to use at least the freeware hard drive recovery utility since they are free.

Hard Drive Tools

The “data center” of the computer is your hard drive. It is on the hard drive that all the programs and data are stored between the periods of time that you use your computer. The hard drive disks are an essential part of permanent storage used in computers. The technology that a hard drive disk uses is amazing and its technology just keeps getting better. Progress has been made in the hard drives capacity, speed, and price over the last 20 years.

The very first computer hard disks had a maximum capacity of 10 megabytes and were priced over $100 per MB. Today hard drives have capacities almost nearing 100 gigabytes and are priced at lower than 1 cent per MB. This comparison demonstrates just how far technology has moved since the first computers were introduced. The speed of the hard disk and interfaces have also vastly improved. It is essential that the hard drive of the computer works effectively otherwise it will lower the overall performance of your computer system. When the hard drive is not performing well it usually indicates a problem with the driver or the controller. Occasionally problems might occur with the hard drive if the CD ROM drivers are not configured properly. The hard drive is in control of the speed at which the computer boots up and determining the speed at which programs load.


The hard disk is also essential for the performance of multitasking. It is also in control of processing large amounts of data like graphics, editing sound, and video and working with databases.

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A larger hard drive disk allows you to store more programs and data. The hard disk is the most important component of the computer since without it the computer would not work. It is therefore fair to say that the hard drive is the heart of the computer and without it, the computer would not survive. Hardware can be replaced, but there is no way of replacing data. It is essential for the performance of a computer to carry out frequent maintenance and backup. Therefore if anything does go wrong with the computer, data loss does”t cause a nightmare to your life.

Dard Disk Sentinel

The hard disk and partition imagining software are like taking a photograph of the way your computer is set up so that you can return it to the same way as it was if anything goes wrong with the hard disk. This function allows you to restore the computer to a later time in the same way the system was when you imaged the disk or partitioned it. This is am extremely helpful function for system recovery in situations where your hard disk malfunctions. The image utilities commonly allow fine control of what you have back-upped on your system. Although you are able to specify the partitions or hard disks to back up, you would not have the ability to specify which folders to exclude or include. Hard disk imaging software also has the ability to clone a hard disk onto another.

Hard drive tools can be used for restoring the hard drive to its original condition. There are certain tools that make it possible for you to restore the system without actually reformatting the hard drive. There is a “data recovery tool” that finds files on the problem hard drive and allows you to save files to another drive. Hard drive tools are extremely useful when there is any type of problem with the hard drive and as explained earlier this is extremely important for the proper functioning of your computer. There are certain factors that can make your computer run slowly and hard drive tools help to diagnose problems with the hard drive so the computer can run more efficiently. Some of the reasons for the computer running slowly include; Unnecessary Start-up programs running in the background. Hard Disk fragmented & in need of being Defragmented, Hard Disk errors might be corrected with “Check Disk“, Hard Disk needing “Clean Up“, Adware & Spyware, Windows Registry issues, Viruses, Anti-Virus Security Programs and finally your PC might need more RAM.

Hard drive tools differ from ordinary computer tools since they are specifically designed to repair the hard drive and make its performance more efficient.

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