Best Samsung SSDs of 2020: Fast and Energy Efficient

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A Samsung solid-state drive (SSD) has many advantages over magnetic hard drives. This is mainly because of the fact that the drive doesn’t have any moving parts, whereas a traditional drive has motors that spin magnetic platters and the drive heads. Storage on a Samsung solid-state drive is handled by flash memory chips that provide benefits such as:

  • Quicker access to data
  • Less noise
  • Breakthrough storage performance

Best Samsung SSDs of 2020

Data can be read almost instantly on this solid-state drive and wait time for the system to load is significantly reduced. Traditional hard drives have mechanical moving parts, which means that every time a file is opened, saved or modified, the disk needs to spin and issues like file fragmentation can dramatically reduce speed. However, a solid-state drive is not affected by file fragmentation because it can simultaneously grab bits of information from anywhere on the drive.

Since the Samsung SSDs store all of its data in memory chips, the system is quieter and creates less heat from vibration. Routine maintenance won’t disrupt workflow and the Samsung solid-state drive cuts downtime for:

  • Virus scans
  • Computer boot up
  • Applications to open

A solid-state drive lets the user spend more time accomplishing and less time waiting.

Samsung 840 Series – An Unsurpassed Upgrade for a PC

A Samsung 840 series 2.5” 120 GB Sata III is the best entry-level solid-state drive on the market. Offering a comparable function expected from a more expensive drive, it is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users looking to improve the power of their computer.

Samsung 840 Series 120GB SSD Drive

Samsung 840 Series

  • Fastest
  • Good Performance
  • Little Bit Expensive

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  • Introduction
  • Product Features
  • Technical Details

Installing the Samsung 840 is virtually hassle-free through a three-step migration solution that uses Samsung’s new SmartMigration software that moves the operating system and data to the new SSD. Once installed, the 840 Series’ IOPS speeds allow the user to multitask like never before. The migration software also makes it simple for users to maximize the lifetime of their Samsung SSD.

Because the drive does not use motors, far less energy is consumed in comparison to a regular hard drive. On average, a Samsung solid-state drive will:

  • Consume 50 percent less power in comparison to a hard drive; and
  • Add up to 50 minutes more to battery life.

The Samsung 840 120 GB SSD supports sleep mode for most operating systems to help reduce even more power consumption.

Make Operating Speed Even Speedier

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a highly efficient data storage device for a computer that provides the same functionality as a traditional hard disk drive.

One of the best upgrades to your computer at your disposal is the Samsung SSD 840 series 250 GB. Quickness is the primary advantage of a SSD over a traditional hard drive and is the best improvement for a computer if you are looking to make it operate faster. A Samsung Canada SSD will speed up a computer in many ways such as:

  • Reducing boot time
  • Launching applications almost instantly
  • Opening and saving documents quicker than ever
  • Copying and duplicating files will be almost five times faster
  • Enables you to boot up your computer in as little as 15 seconds
  • Energy efficient – improve your battery life by up to 50 minutes
  • Outstanding Multitasking Performance – It’s the ideal solution for your everyday computing needs, such as web browsing, document creation, viewing or editing multimedia files, playing PC games, etc.
  • Superior Reliability ? from the world’s #1 DRAM, NAND Flash and SSD Supplier, all Samsung SSD’s feature 100% genuine Samsung components
  • Industry-leading Design – Stunning design and precision engineering ? inside and out. Brushed metal case blocks dust and corrosion and it measures only 7mm thick, so it can even accommodate the latest ultra-slim laptop PCs.
  • A complete, user-friendly solution ? Comes with all the components you need to upgrade your desktop PC. Also includes Norton Ghost — the most preferred consumer and business Drive Migration solution today
  • Backed by a three-year limited warranty

Brand Name: Samsung
Series: 840
Item model number: MZ-7TD120BW
Hardware Platform: PC, Mac, Unix, Linux
Item Weight: 1.92 ounces
Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 3.94 x 2.75 x 0.28 inches
Color: Black metallic
Flash Memory: Size 120

How to Choose the Right SSD?

With so many brands available, choosing a SSD can be overwhelming. Some qualities to look for when shopping for a SSD include:

  • High speeds – for example, the performance of the 250GB 840 Series Samsung SSD is 4.2 times greater than a 7200 rpm notebook hard drive. Compared to a hard-drive, the SSD’s booting and application loading time are 50 per cent less and the file copy time is 60 per cent less.
  • Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash memory – MLC can store more information on each cell versus a single-level cell (SLC.)
  • SATA III – most SSD’s use the Serial ATA (SATA) interface, but not all use the latest version and this can limit the performance of the SSD. All Samsung SSD’s are SATA III compatible.
  • ECC memory – this provides the SSD with the ability to detect and correct common types of data corruption to prevent unusable data from appearing on the drive.

Samsung SSD’s meet the above criteria and are the most popular and proven quality storage devices currently offered on the market for laptops and PC’s. Features like self-encryption add an additional benefit of greater security and avoids the frustration of any type of data loss.

Optimize Performance with a Samsung SSD

There usually isn’t much to do to enhance a Samsung SSD since it’s already fast and will do its job without any adjustments. However, there are a few tweaks you can make for optimum performance and longevity:

  • Enable TRIM – this is a command that allows an operating system to inform a SSD which blocks of data are no longer considered in use and can be wiped internally. Like any computer components, SSD’s have limited lifespans and TRIM helps to keep a SSD alive a little bit longer.
  • Hibernation Mode – this only applies to Windows users and either enabling or disabling hibernation mode can be useful. When enabled, the computer will resume from hibernation almost as fast as it does from sleep because of the swiftness of SSD. When disabled, the SSD will have more space.
  • Don’t Defragment – SSD’s can quickly access data regardless of its location and reading and writing data unnecessarily will significantly shorten its life.

Samsung Canada’s SSD’s are ideal for students, travelling professionals and anyone who is looking to increase the efficiency of their computer. Samsung SSD’s give users at least 10 per cent more battery life and weigh 25 per cent less than most hard drives. Adding a SSD will speed up your machine in ways that you never imagined.

Economical System Rejuvenation

Another great advantage to a Samsung 840 series SSD is its fantastic track record for reliability. It will not suffer from shock or drop damage and will maintain stability through the roughest conditions to extend the life of a desktop or laptop computer. A Samsung solid-state drive is twice as fast as a hard drive and can:

  • Transfer and copy files around 13 minutes faster
  • Find files five times quicker
  • Reduce time to render video file clips by 30 percent

Adding a Samsung solid-state drive to a computer is the most cost-effective upgrade available on the user’s terms that will breathe new life into any computer and enhance boot-up speeds and application performance.

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