Brando 8GB USB Thumb Drive Review

Being a geek I tend to have a different sense of humor from most people, very few people could laugh at programming or binary related jokes. So it was no surprise the first time I saw the Brando USB flash Thumb drive online that I knew I just had to get one.

The single idea that a company designed a Thumb Drive that looks exactly like a thumb (that sounds like a line out of Black Adder II relating to a turnip in the White Adder episode) really appealed to my humor, especially with how lifelike the thumb drive looks (with the exception of the bottom of the unit which I suspect has some time to do with the mold).

Brando 8GB USB thumb drive

Brando 8GB USB Thumb Drive Review

To some people, they might not find it funny to see people get grossed out the first time they see the Brando USB Thumb drive, but to me, it is downright amusing. In fact, I will quite often ride the bus with my Brando USB Thumb drive hooked up to my netbook just to get a rise out of people.


The first my twins saw it hooked up to my Pioneer DVD player /w USB they said: “Daddy, Daddy why is your toe there”. Just classic!

  • Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks with the Brando USB thumb drive, but in all honesty, this drive wasn’t built for speed but its design.
  • The drive itself has a write speed of around 3.45MB/s (Under Vista x64 SP2), and a read of around 9.3MB/s making it fairly unpractical for copying XviD or h.264 movies onto.
  • The other issue with this drive is the fact that the Thumb design is actually like a sheaf that a smaller USB dongle sits in so sometimes you may need to pull on the USB dongle so that it fits properly into your USB port (Windows do not detect the drive is usually a good indicator).

Overall I love the drive despite the slow speeds but for the attention that it gets when people see it for the first time. Hopefully, at some point, they will lease a faster design, with less of a mold mark.

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