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What is a Solid State Hard Drive?

Solid-state hard drives have developed a strong reputation as the must-have computer upgrade of the past few years. A solid-state disk (SSD) drive is widely considered the best value-for-the-money computer upgrade available today.

External SSD drives

The benefits that come from upgrading to an SSD are immediately noticeable to users. The computer will boot up much faster and overall be much more responsive. This includes faster response times when opening up any programs (including games) and files that are stored on the SSD. SSD technology improves the speed of traditional hard drives by removing many of the moving parts. Traditional hard drives have spinning platters with reading/write heads that are used for accessing and writing data. SSDs use a much more direct and efficient method to access data without any moving parts.

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The major drawback of SSD technology is the limited capacities and higher pricing over traditional hard drives. SSD prices are expensive in comparison on a per-gigabyte basis but prices are lowering to the point where many users will pay the extra for an SSD with enough capacity to store their most-used files such as the operating system and other important files.

External SSD Drives

Regular SSD drives attach internally via SATA cables for maximum transfer speeds (up to 6GB/s using SATA III technology). External SSD drives have been developed to provide many of the same perks of SSD drives but offer additional portability benefits. They are limited in transfer and access speeds due to USB connectivity, but USB 3.0 offers speeds (up to 260MB/s) that are adequate for many users. The physical dimensions of these drives are also very attractive for users who prefer fast storage that is available on the go.

External SSD drives operate in a similar manner to USB memory sticks but offer higher storage capacities and a stronger body in order to better absorb the bumps that are possible with transporting these drives. SSD drives use considerably less power due to the elimination of moving parts and this allows most external SSD drives to be completely USB-powered. The reduced power consumption makes external SSD drives a perfect choice for many laptop users who want excellent storage performance with minimal strain on battery power. Despite the higher price tags, these drives continue to appeal to many power users who prefer the portability and convenience that an external SSD drive offers.

Finding External SSD Drives

External SSD drives are relatively new and they can be difficult to locate in retail outlets. The best resource for external SSD drives will be a reputable online computer component retailer. These retailers offer the largest selection of external solid-state drives from the top manufacturers to allow consumers to find the best option for their needs and budget. These retailers can also provide valuable feedback from users who have purchased the products to help shoppers make more informed purchases.

Find the best selection and prices for external solid-state drives online from a trusted computer part retailer today.

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