Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 2TB External SSD Drive Review

Today, the SSD is not just a storage drive for laptops, it can also be used and compatible with desktop or PC. What are the various advantages of Solid State Drive?

  • Compact, slim, lightweight, portable, durable due shockproof and vibrate resistant. Includes more flexible temperature support: For external backups, they are ideal for out-of-office or frequent travelers.
  • Ideal for computer upgrading enthusiast, easy installation with just one screwdriver.
  • Many times you are in a hurry to copy large files or multiples files if a spinning hard drive – you will feel that it takes a lot of time. Very hasty, it’s like it’s slower. But you will feel a lot of difference if you use an SSD. This SSD will give you read and write speeds of up to 4 times faster than typical hard drives. Including booting or restarting a few moments is a lot easier than and faster than when compared to drinking water is not finished. Also load programs quickly, like standby all the time without waste time waiting for a long time.
  • The reason the drive is no parts are moving, the SSD run quieter. It also helps to save more power compared to HDD.

Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 2TB External SSD Drive

U32 Shadow 2TB External SSD Drive

  • High Quality
  • Good Performance
  • Expensive

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And this is another interesting drive and compatible with the lifestyle of the new generation.

Oyen Digital U32 Shadow SSD Drive

Oyen Digital U32 Shadow SSD is one of the smaller hard drives, it is easy to carry around with compact size so you can hold it in your little palm. The frame made of aluminum offers strong and heat dissipation well plus a protective carrying case for you go. Give the buyer more reliable because designed and assembled in America, is not often found in SSD drives. This drive has a high data transfer rate of at least 500MB / sec.

Now available in capacities ranging from 128GB up to massive storage capacities at 2TB and good news for sale on the 2TB model, if you like the specification as mentioned above. Give you save money in the pockets of almost fifty dollars.

Advantages of Oyen Digital U32 Shadow SSD Drive

  • Compact size can hold in your little palm.
  • Available 128GB/256GB/512GB/1.0TB/2.0TB
  • The ability to quickly copy data up to 575MB/s.
  • Interface and compatible to USB 3.1 / 3.0 / 2.0
  • Because there are no moving parts, so low energy consumption.
  • This U32 Shadow SSD is a medium price when compared to other brands
  • Manufactured in the United State of America

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