RunCore SSD Solid State Disk (SSD) Drive Manufacturer Information

Out of all the SSD companies that I have had the pleasure of dealing with none have shown the level of care that RunCore SSD has for me. Not only do they have an exceptional level of service, but they also have a considerable wider array of SSD products than just about any other SSD manufacturer out there from SATA III, mSATA, PCI-e, Mini PCI-e, ZIF, IDE, disk on chips, and more!

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RunCore SSD Solid State Disk (SSD) Drive Manufacturer Information

My workstation has a RunCore mSATA III 120GB Sandforce SF-2281 drive for my operating system drive it has a read speed of up to 564MB/s, and write of 469MB/s! When the SF-2281 3.3.2 firmware came out which fixed the Sandforce SF-2281 BSOD issue RunCore was able to get me an updated firmware in less than 2 days of Sandforce releasing the update. With this level of service, it is no wonder RunCore SSD is one of the top 10 SSD manufacturers in the world.

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