SanDisk – Offering Flash Memory Storage Bettering Customers Digital Lives

History about SanDisk Memory:

SanDisk was founded in 1988 and the companies and consumers have relied on SanDisk to capture, share, preserve, and access content from the data center all the way to the digital camera. The company started off as a three-person start-up in Silicon Valley to a world-recognized brand with over 5,000 employees.

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SanDisk’s products are sold in approximately 250,000 retail stores around the world and hold more than 4,900 patents worldwide. They believe in ongoing research that has helped companies reduce costs, increase capacity and make new devices possible. The latest product the company launched was the world’s first Cfast 2.0 memory card in 2013. The CFAST 2.0 memory card is the world’s fastest memory card for high-performance professional photo and video capture. The card has the ability to read speeds of up to 450MB/s^2 for maximum workflow efficiency and write speeds up to 350 MB/s^2 for faster recording performance. The introduction of this new memory card is enabling the next generation card format to meet the needs of high-end profession cinematographers. These new cards will enable new digital solutions for professional filmmakers looking to embrace technologies such as high-quality 4K video and are another example of SanDisk’s innovation and leadership in flash memory storage. The Pro Cfast 2.0 memory card is available in the U.S. and Europe at select photo specialty stores and at AARI authorized storefronts in 60GB and 120GB capacities.

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Their product portfolio includes flash memory cards and embedded solutions used in smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, digital media players and other consumer electronic devices, as well as USB flash drives and solid-state drives (SSD)n for the computing market. Their product categories consist of solid-state drives, memory cards, wireless memory, enterprise software, software & services, USB storage, embedded storage, and music & video players. For the solid-state driveline, the following products are available SATA SSDS, SAS SSDs, PCIe SSAs, and SMART Storage SSDs. For the memory product line, the company carries SD cards; micro SD cards, Compact Flash cards, CFAST PRO, memory stick PRO Duo, and card readers. For the wireless memory, the company carries SanDisk connect the wireless flash drive and SanDisk connects wireless media drive. For enterprise software, the company carries flash soft software and membrane software. For the USB storage line, the company carries memory vault and USB flash drives. For the embedded storage the company carries Inland and ISSD. The music & video players line consists of Sansa fuze, Sansa clip zip, and Sansa clip.

SanDisk also provides industry solutions for enterprise, computing, consumer electronics, and mobile. They create transformational memory products at world-class manufacturing facilities that produce more than two million products each day. For business, SanDisk offers embedded storage, enterprise storage, removable storage, server acceleration software, and solid-state storage. The other brand names SanDisk carries are Flash Soft Software, Inland Embedded Storage, Lighting Solid State Drives, Membrane Software, and SMART Storage SSDs. For consumer products, the company has products that are used for camera & camcorder memory, mobile storage, portable personal storage, long-term preservation, gaming storage, wireless storage, high-performance drives, portable multimedia, card readers, and pro video.

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