Seagate Expansion 500GB External Hard Drive Review

Seagate is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives and storage solutions. It was founded in the year 1979 as Shugart technologies and since then they have been very product specific and went on to find milestones in the storage market. Its first-ever product was the 5MB ST-506 which was the first hard disk to fit the 5.25” form factor of the Shugart mini floppy drive and it’s latest being the Seagate Expansion series of external hard drives. In the following review, we will see in detail about the Seagate Expansion 500GB external desktop drive.

Stylish and Practical:

Design-wise, you would find that the Seagate ST305004EXA101-RK is not as sleek as its portable sibling. However, it has exactly the same design, the only difference being its dimensions (H x W x D) 1.57” x 4.96” x 8.15” and weighing a bulky 2.25 pounds. Seagate has put both style and common sense into the design of the drive. By given the top intersection of the drive shiny black finishing, it has given the drive the style factor to attract the style freaks and by adopting matte black finishing to all the other areas, it has avoided the scratches and smudges on the body of the drive. The drive has a rectangular form factor with elegant curves in its facia which sports the attractive logo of Seagate and also a small LED light to indicate the activity of the drive. This light is not very bright and so, it will not bother you much if you have it in front of your system.

As with most of the gadgets, you will find the ports in the rear which includes a USB2.0 port for all the data transmissions and also a port for external power.  The built quality of the drive is excellent and we assure you that it can certainly handle a few accidental knockdowns.

Seagate Expansion 500GB External Hard Drive

seagate expansion 500gb external hard drive

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Capacities Available:

500GB is the lowest capacity in which the Seagate Expansions Hard drive is available, the higher capacities in which the drive is available to include 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB. You can find our exclusive review on the 1TB version of the drive. So, if you are a very storage hungry person, you can make your choice accordingly.

Set-up and Installation:

Recently, the setup and installation of drives have been made extremely easy by the manufacturers so that even a novice user should not have any issues during the process and this Expansion 500GB  USB 2.0 external drive is not an exception as the process takes just minutes and you will be ready to go. Connect the power chord to the electrical outlet and the USB cable to the system and make sure that you do not hook it to any of the USB ports in the front of the drive as it might result in the malfunctioning of the drive. Once this is done, just press the power button that is in the back of the drivel; once the green LED glows, it indicates the activity of the drive.

Once the set-up is complete the installation is extremely easy too. The drive will be immediately recognized by the Windows Operating System. Apart from this, you need not install any additional software and there will not be any need for any configuration changes too. The utility that allows you to do some simple backup and restore operations is available in the drive itself and you are also given the flexibility to control when the drive goes to sleep mode. Out of the box, the drive has been pre-formatted NTFS, which is surprising, given that Seagate also markets its drive to the Macintosh users. NTFS is the most advantageous file system as it allows you to have robust security and this system makes use of the drive space much more resourcefully by formatting the drive with 4KB clusters.

Compatibility issues:

Seagate Expansions is compatible with Apple macOS X 10.4.8 or later and Microsoft Windows Vista / XP.

Features and Performance:

The management of the drive is as easy as its installation. The Seagate 500GB drive instantly adds more space for files and consolidates all of your files into a single location. The drive can also be used to free up space on your system’s internal drives for the sake of improved performance. All that you ever need to do to save the files is just drag and drop them. Though you cannot enjoy lightning-fast data transfer speeds of the external hard drives with FireWire or eSATA interfaces, the Seagate Expansion 500GB drive’s USB2.0 interface offers you with an acceptable data transfer speed. Seagate has stated that the drive has an interface transfer rate of 480Mbps but while testing, we found that the average transfer rate of transferring 400GB of data was 5.6Mbps, which translates to 336Mbps. This is not very bad and it transferred the mixed digital content without any issues. The Expansion 500GB drive has a spindle speed of 7200rpm and 16MB cache.


Seagate Expansions 500GB drive comes in its own yellow and black package. On opening it, you will find the drive, a USB cable, Power supply cable, Quick start guide, and warranty information. The power adaptor has a clip that allows you to take out just the pins so that, if you are out of your country, you will be able to purchase the pins that suites that country and clip it into it.


Seagate offers its 500GB Expansion External Desktop Hard Drive 2 years limited warranty. We are disappointed with this warranty as the other rivals offer a minimum of three or five years’ warranty for their products.


The Seagate Expansion 500GB ST305004EXA101-RK External Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive is a budget solution for those who are looking for a cheap drive with a big capacity. It seems like a complete package with amazing looks, good deal of speed, and power consumption features are quite compelling.

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