How To Install A Second Hard Drive?

install a second hard drive

Installing an external hard drive, compared to installing a hard drive in Windows 10, are two different things. An external hard drive could be a USB or eSATA cable, which you can install right away. However, when you want to install a second hard drive on your Windows 10 device, then this could be a … Read more

How to Clone a Larger HDD to a Smaller SSD?

clone larger hdd to smaller ssd

SSD can be considered flash storage, which doesn’t have any moving parts. SSD is small and doesn’t take up much space in a PC case that’s what you would know how to clone larger HDD to smaller SSD. It is often mounted on the motherboard directly, and it is faster compared to HDD. HDD, on … Read more

Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 2TB External SSD Drive Review

Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 2TB External SSD Drive

Today, the SSD is not just a storage drive for laptops, it can also be used and compatible with desktop or PC. What are the various advantages of Solid State Drive? Compact, slim, lightweight, portable, durable due shockproof and vibrate resistant. Includes more flexible temperature support: For external backups, they are ideal for out-of-office or … Read more

The Best Affordable SSDs for 2020

The Best Affordable SSDs for 2020

There are many times that our computer is slow, which is caused by the HDD which compared other hardware, then it is very slow. To prevent such causes by switching to a new hard disk or a RAID or use a modern solution by SSD (Solid State Drive). But the price may be higher than … Read more