The Hawk SSD: Solid Core underneath the Sleek Design

Hawk SSD drive

If you are looking for one of the fastest SSD drives without dipping too much into your savings, the 120GB Hawk SSD drive should probably be on top of your list. But as in the case of all memory modules, the brand carries a lot of weight in the performance of the product. You will immediately notice that if you buy a generic brand as opposed to the branded product the difference lies in performance and ability.

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If you are choosing an SSD drive, you want a random performance of 38,000 IOPS to write and 50,000 IOPS read, particularly if you are not a person that likes to wait while transferring files. Also, the Mean Time between Failures (MBTF) should at least be 1.2M.

The Hawk SSD Solid Core underneath the Sleek Design

Unique design

In terms of the design, the metallic shell of the 120GB Hawk SSD drive doesn’t immediately turn heads. Most SSDs you will find in the market today are encased in black and silver case. The storage device is quite sleek as it only measures up to 7mm overall and also more responsive to commands.

The Hawk processes data at a speed of 510Mb per second (for reading) and 470Mb per second (for writing) through the SATA III interface. There’s also the 240GB Hawk SSD although the performance is the same with the 120GB Hawk SSD drive. But in terms of pricing, it’s up there with the best of them since it only retails for around $ 100.

Citations galore

If you are going to buy the 120GB Hawk SSD drive, it’s not only for appearance’s sake. The product has been widely received by consumers, PC magazines and reviewers alike. For one, it was adjudged as “Editor’s Choice” in various technology websites.

It was also considered as the fastest SSD drive with the reviewer noting the fast performance of the MLC incompressible writer. Another website said that the Hawk SSD should be commended for commercializing a totally new design for SSDs.

Sturdily predictable

There’s nothing that leaps out of the 120GB Hawk SSD drive in terms of performance. Or to rephrase: the storage device performs just like how you expect something of its class to perform. The product is also quite faster compared to your original mechanical storage device, but SSD in general often outperforms the flash drive. In that regard, it’s quite predictable although the price is quite a bit of a pleasant surprise.

As the 120GB Hawk SSD drive is solid and there are no moving parts to juggle, you can expect a robust storage tool that can withstand the toughest of travels. There’s not a lot that you can point out that will convince you to forego buying the Hawk.

Perhaps, one drawback is the relatively small storage capacity of the brand, which despite its name only adds up to around 111GB of data storage capacity. However, that can easily be rectified if the consumer will instead purchase the 240GB Hawk SSD drive if he wants additional data storage capacity.

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