The Top 7 Things You Should Backup on an External Hard Drive

Have you backed up the important information on your PC or laptop?

PC system failure can result in the loss of all your downloads, documents, and software.  So, it is vitally important that you back up your files and the best way to do this is on an external hard drive.  External hard drives allow you to back up your computer’s internal hard drive to a completely external location.

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The backup External Hard Drive

The Top 7 Things You Should Back Up on an External Hard Drive

And, external hard drives also act as a portable hard drive which makes it easy to move large numbers of files easily and quickly.

So, when you are backing up your files to an external hard drive, make sure you include these six things.

1. Your photographs

Digital photos are one of the most common types of files to be backed up on an external hard drive.  This is because once you lose your digital photos, they cannot be replaced.  As well as hosting your photos through an online service such as Flickr, it is worth backing up your photographs to an external hard drive so you can be sure you retain a copy of them.

In addition, digital photos can be quite large files and it’s easy to fill your computer’s internal hard drive with digital images. Using an external hard drive to store your photos leaves your computer’s hard drive with plenty of free space.

2. Your music

Anyone who has used a system such as iTunes will be aware of the time it takes to manually ‘rip’ all your CDs.  Losing your iTunes files will mean that you have to begin from scratch and ‘rip’ all your music once again.

Backing up your music on an external hard drive means you always have a duplicate of your music library should your computer fail.

In addition, if you have downloaded music, you will lose these files if you have a system failure and you haven’t backed up your system.  It’s therefore vital that you back up all your downloaded music to an external hard drive.

3. Your games and software

Downloading software is increasingly popular.  Of course, downloading games or other applications means you don’t have a back-up disc in the event of system failure.  So, backing up your software to your external hard drive is vital to avoid having to pay to download software for a second time.

4. Your important records

Keeping a back-up of your important documents can save you time and money.  Letters, financial records, tax returns, and personal spreadsheets can be irreplaceable in the event of a system failure and it may cost you to replace some of the information that you lose.

Always keep a copy of important personal information on an external hard drive.

5. Your E-mails

Not all e-mail service providers keep copies of e-mails for long periods.  So, if you want to keep records of e-mail conversations, receipts or other important e-mail correspondence, it is vital that you back these up to an external hard drive.

6. Your personal work

Many people undertake personal projects on their PC.  It may be a book that you are writing, an art project or a blog or diary.  Again, losing these could cost you hundreds of hours of work that you can never recover.

So, always back up these documents to an external hard drive so you don’t suffer the heartbreak of losing your hard work.

7. Your television shows and movies

More and more people are using the net to download TV shows and movies.  As with music and software, a system failure can result in you losing the media you have downloaded.  Make sure you back up your favorite films and TV shows to an external hard drive.

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