Unbiased Solid State Disk (SSD) Flash Drive Reviews

Welcome to SSD Flash Drive Reviews your source for Unbiased Solid State Disk (SSD) and Flash Drive Reviews. This website was setup to help consumers make the right choice when selecting a solid state disk (SSD) drive, and getting the most out of your computers. Solid state hard drives are the latest evolution of disk storage. They are amazingly fast for both read and write speeds, boast extreme low latencies, and are very power efficient.

Some of the latest Solid State Drives on the market are currently the fastest hard drives available with sustained sequential read speeds overs 285MB/s, sequential write speeds over 275MB/s, access times of under 0.2ms, and power usage under 4W at full load. Until you experience a fast SSD drive you cannot imagine how much faster your computer can be. Here are just a few things you will notice:

  • Windows boots incredibly faster, with over 75,000 files installed with Windows Vista you will really notice the unheard of low latencies.
  • When loading levels, graphics textures, or general gaming the blazing 285+MB/s read speeds will give you a more competitive edge… SSDs pwn rotation disks.
  • With a laptop form factor you will have better airflow with case fans, and with more energy efficient technology will lower the heat production and power usage.
  • With the average power usage at full load at under 4Watts, drives will produce next to no heat.
  • Soundless as there are no moving parts in SSDs as they utilize flash based memory for storage.

Unlike traditional hard drives Solid State Drives are built using flash memory, so there are no moving parts. No chirping as a heads are realigned to read data, flash based memory is simply addressed by location and data is retrieved. This drastically reduces the power usage, general wear, and durability of the drives. Some SSD manufacturers are even offering up to a 10 year warranties on their drives!

However you have to be extremely carefully when purchasing a solid state disk drive as there are lots of factors to take into account. If you get the wrong drive you can end up with:

  • A SSD that is slower than a rotation hard drive.
  • An SSD with a bad controller can make your computer stutter.
  • An SSD that doesn’t support important features like S.M.A.R.T., Trim, or a Garage Collector (required for RAID).
  • An SSD with cheap flash.
  • An SSD that you can’t apply firmware updates to.
  • An SSD that may have a comparatively short lifespan.

We write articles, and review drives to help you make an educated decision when you purchase yours.