Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive Review

If you have spent your time looking for a large capacity drive that is USB powered, is fast, is compact and has a sleek design. Look no further as the Western Digital Elements drive is the one for you.

The main reason people purchase an external hard drive is to free up some space on their computer, which greatly improves its performance. This was the reason for me getting the Western Digital Elements drive. Once I transferred all the movies, music, photos and TV shows I had stored on my PC and laptop to the external hard drive the improvement in the performance of both my desktop and laptop was unreal. It was like getting 2 new computers. Everything was so much quicker.

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This simple, high quality external portable drive is all you need for storing or backing up all your photo, music and video files and indeed any other larger files you may have. It cannot be easier to use. It just a matter of plugging it in and it’s ready for data transfer. No power adapter. No software to install. As they say, just plug and play.

Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

Western Digital Element External Hard Drive Product Features

  • Maximum capacity in a small design.
  • USB Powered
  • Western Digital quality inside and out
  • Plug and Play Simplicity
  • Earth-Friendly Packaging

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I found the features on the Western Digital Elements hard drive was right up my street. Usually, when I get an external hard drive there is software to be installed prior to use. This can be a pain especially when it’s badly designed software that makes formatting and prepping the drive’s partitions really tedious. Thankfully Western Digital listened to their customer feedback and made the setup of their drives as easy as possible.

The size of the Elements drive is also a huge plus. With the small dimensions of 3 x 4.5 x 0.9 inches, this drive is only slightly bigger than an iPhone 4.0. For me, this was a huge factor when it came to getting myself an external hard drive.  With its huge capacity, I use this for storing a large amount of my DVD collection. So when I’m going round to my friends or family’s house for a movie night, I simply pop the drive in my pocket go around to their house, connect to their TV and we have a huge choice of movies or TV series to choose from. This often leads to arguments on what to watch, but it’s a good dilemma to have!

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

The case has a classic, sleek design with a black finish. There is a recessed LED indicator light at the rear that is very discreet which is perfect for a media center setup (unlike other drives that have very distracting big flashing lights where you find yourself looking at the light rather than what’s on the TV!). This is positioned beside the USB socket. The drive comes with an 18 inch USB cable which is just the right length, neither too long nor short and is quite sturdy thick with a good degree of flexibility.

Another feature that they incorporated, that sometimes gets taken for granted, are the large rubber pads placed on the underside of the case. These pads ensure the drives noise and vibration emissions are kept to a minimum. I’ve had some drives before and when they were powered up it felt like I was at the Indy 500! But seriously, when the Western Digital Elements drive is transferring at full tilt you will hardly know it’s there.

Western Digital Elements Performance

Speedwise this drive out-performs most of the previous drives I’ve owned.  As I said, a lot of my DVDs are on my drive in the form of ISO files and some Blu Ray movies also. When transferring these from my desktop to the Western Digital Elements drive it took much shorter than I expected. Also, it was transferring data for well over an hour and it barely got lukewarm. This is great considering there is no fan or vents on the drive.

With all the great TV series and Bluray movies being released, it looks like I’m going to need another external drive to back them upon. It’s really a no brainer. The Western Digital Elements external hard drive ticks all the boxes on my needs. If your files need backing up and you’d like an easy to install, fast, portable, USB powered external hard drive, look no further than a Western Digital Elements external hard drive.

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