Western Digital My Book Elite External Hard Drive Review

Western Digital has upped the gamble this time again on its extensive series of external storage options. The biggest facelift is for the My Book desktop external hard drive series which now features the My Book Elite and My Book Studio. Today, we will be reviewing the My Book Elite which is now, much smarter and sleeker than ever featuring a customizable label, automatic, continuous backup and also a new smaller size to fit snugly on your desktop. Out of these features, the one feature that the label boasts that most of the other external hard drives do not have is the customizable label which will remain visible even when there is no power supplied to the hard drive unit. Read on to find out about some of the other features and performance of Western Digital My Book Elite 2TB.

WD My Book Elite

Buy on Amazon | $197

Capacity: 1TB | USB: 2.0

Furnished Design:

The Western Digital My Book Elite desktop external hard drive has a design that is very similar to that of its predecessors but is much sleeker than them. The new sleeker design brings beauty and brains together. The design also allows it to be set horizontally or vertically and additional units can be stacked on top of each other.

The e-label:
Fascia is that part that has gone through the biggest change; the slim LED capacity gauge has been replaced by an eInk display to indicate the capacity and the very useful information of security status. Since the display is eInk, the label lasts for six months before asking for power again. This display can also be used to label the device using the WD SmartWare software, which is definitely much handy if you have more than one drive to handle. For instance, you can customize the label to remind you of what is stored in the drive. The good news is that, it is still passively cooled through the vents that are available on the top and rear, and hence, the device runs much silently.

WD My Book Elite 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Interesting Features:

Coming to the part of the interface, the Western Digital My Book Elite Desktop External Hard Drive has a single mini USB 2.0 connection, which is the same as the one that is used in the vast majority of devices.

Though the WD Book Elite Desktop Drive is formatted in NTFS for Windows PCs out of the box, the device is compatible with the Macs as well. To be specific, the drive is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Western Digital has included both Mac and Windows versions of the bundled software on a reserved partition of the drive. This just means that, even if the drive is formatted, the software remains in it.

Capacities available:
The Western Digital My Book Elite comes in capacities that suit everybody’s needs. For people who need huge capacities, there is the 2TB, 1.5TB, and 1TB and if you are a light user, the Elite is also available in a much smaller 640GB capacity.

WD Smart Ware:
WDSmartWare Software included is one of the best. It is a configuration hub that allows you to choose the backup schedules, alter the eInk label and also enable the drive’s password-protected 256 bit AES hardware encryption.

WD My Book Elite

Data lock:
To up the ante security-wise, you will find a combination of user-selected password protection with 256-bit hardware-based encryption to be more than sufficient to prevent unauthorized data theft. Western Digital never receives your EHD’s password. You are the only one who knows the password. Should it be lost, the drive will remain locked or must be re-formatted to use again.


With this 256-bit hardware-based encryption, you can be sure that the new My Book Elite desktop drive will not disappoint you much on the notes of performance and capability. The Western Digital My Book Elite drive has read speed of 27.7Mbps and writes speed of 24.1 Mbps as far as the large files are concerned and with the smaller files like 3GB ones, the drive has read speed of 24.6Mbps and write speed of 15.2Mbps. However, there are much faster USB 2.0 based external hard drives that have passed through our tests, and the Western Digital My Book Elite does not offer any alternative connections like eSATA. Generally speaking, the drive is pretty quiet, although there are the usual buzz and hum during large backups.

WD My Book Elite external hard drive package


The package contents include the My Book Elite external hard drive, AC adapter, USB cable, WD SmartWare software, and Quick Install Guide.


Western Digital offers its latest My Book Elite Desktop drive three years limited warranty for parts and labor.


The Western Digital My Book Elite is a decent desktop external hard drive. The drive manages reasonable read and writes speeds while dealing with both small and large files, but it is not the fastest USB 2.0 drive around in the market.  The My Book Elite is reasonably priced, powerful, and intuitive, and the drive offers users easy backup and restores, full-disk encryption, and an awesome e-ink label. The maximum capacity of 2GB does not hurt either.

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