What happens to your Hard Drive when it goes for Data Recovery?

This is a question a lot of people will want to know when it comes to data recovery, and especially is your hard disk, SSD, RIAD, USB, or another storage device in good hands.

We offer a service that is both confidential and secure when it comes to data recovery. Our premises are secured and monitored 24 hrs a day by cameras and a monitored alarm. We have a well-established goods tracking and case database that is updated regularly.

What happens to your Hard Drive when it goes for Data Recovery

Data Recovery

When your storage device arrives in our office we immediately assign it a case number and record the serial number along with the make and model number. An engineer is then assigned your case and he or she will follow it through from start to finish through all stages of the recovery and if you as a customer have any questions then you get to deal with the engineer directly.

Our engineers are well trained in all of the latest techniques in data recovery and we have available some of the best tools from around the world that help us to determine and rectify any issues that your storage device has. These tools include the PC-3000 which is engineered in Russia and can deal with firmware issues and allow advanced reprogramming and repair of hard drives at a detailed level far beyond anything else offered here in New Zealand.

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When your storage device arrived in our office it will firstly get a detailed assessment to determine what problem it is facing and from there you will be provided with a detailed quote offering at least 3 levels of service. These 3 levels are indicative of the amount of work required to complete a successful data recovery job and they also allow you to choose between the speeds to which the data recovery is performed. As you can imagine we get hundreds of jobs a year and these jobs are performed on a first come first served basis but at times there is greater importance for some recovery jobs and this is especially so for NAS units and RAIDS where business continuity is important. This is why we offer different levels of service to you as a customer.

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After a recovery job has been quoted we will wait for your response. If you approve the quote provided to you then the data recovery will commence immediately if there is no attempt fee required to be paid. Most types of recovery we have do not require an attempt fee but when there is one, it is due to the requirement of obtaining spare parts and time to make changes in order to commence successful recovery of data. If an attempt fee is required this will be clearly mentioned in your quote and work will start on your device after the attempt fee has been paid.
If you do not approve the quote then your device will be sent back to you free of charge.

We endeavor to keep you updated on the state of your data recovery job and we hope to keep your mind at ease by providing a professional and confident service.

Hard Drive

When we have successfully completed your data recovery we will be in touch with you and provide you with screenshots of what data we have recovered. If you are happy or need to know about any specific files, then you are more than welcome to contact the engineer who did your data recovery and ask for the success of any specific files or folders.

At this stage we then request you make the final payment for your data recovery and upon receipt, you will be sent a portable hard drive with your recovered data. This will be delivered to you for free.

We will keep a copy of your data that has been recovered for one month from completion and we do this just in case you have any further mishaps or there is still something that you are missing. This is an extra service that we provide you because we are aware that mistakes or disasters can and do happen and it provides you with a little extra assurance that is sometimes required.

In Additional

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