What is an SSD? and How Do Solid State Drives Work?

In the world of computers, the terminology Solid State Drives, or better known as the SSD, is often heard and used. SSD is basically a type of memory which does not consist of components that have to move in order to operate. For example, the hard disk drives, or the HDD, that you use on an everyday basis normally basically consists of a spinning disk which has a moving head within them. While these kind of memory drives are great for those of you who need them for basic purposes, but at the same time, the quality of the results is put at risk if you put them under stress. If you happen to be using your computer for some hardcore tasks, then the best option for you happens to be the SSD which are more dependable and their performance is far more reliable.

An SSD or Solid State Drive is a direct replacement for the hard disk or disk drive in your computer, whether it is a standard stand alone compute, notebook, netbook or latptop. They can also be used as an external hard disk that you connect externally to any type of computer that you might have.

The SSD has been mostly used in miniature sized devices such as mobile phones and cameras which are considered to be portable, and have helped to revolutionize the style and design of such devices. They were first used by military and government organizations which need data storage devices which are able to meet the very high demands of data reliability, and the SSD was one of the best devices that could be used in their equipments. However, various electronic companies are now using SSD in nearly every electronic device including laptop computers, cameras, notebooks, mobile devices and even mp3 players.

Over the past few years, several manufacturers have switched over to the SSD due to its various benefits and reliability. The SSD operates without producing any noise that is often associated with others types of hard disk storage devices and their performance happens to be way better when it comes to speed. Moreover, they happen to be more energy efficient which means that your devices will now be able to last much longer as far as the battery is concerned.

All current hard disks have moving parts that make them susceptible to damage when they are knocked especially if they are in use.

Solid State Drives have No Moving Parts!

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SSDs don’t have the problem of being prone to damage to slight knocks or drops when in use as they have no moving parts and are built entirely from sold state memory similar to the computer memory in your pc or notebook.

  • Fastest Storage
  • High Quality
  • Expensive

Because of this they are a lot less fragile win use and are much better suited to mobile computer applications such as and netbooks and notebook computers and also as add-on external hard drives that you can take anywhere without worrying about them getting damaged so easily. SSDs are just inherently more robust in any computing environment whether internal or external.

The difference that makes the memory in SSDs unique is that any information held in memory is retained even when the power is turned off, unlike normal computer memory, which loses all information whenever power is lost like when you turn off your notebook.

SSDs are Less Fragile than Hard Disks

This new breed of hard disk, the solid state drive or SSD is just another form of data storage device, but it is different in that it uses solid-state memory to store your computer’s data for as long as you want until you delete it. Think of it as a very large USB stick that is so large it can actually replace the hard disk in your computer.

Potential To Replace All Hard Disks

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Samsung SSD 860 EVO

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An SSD is able to easily emulate a hard disk drive interface in any computer and thus it can very easily be used to replace a normal hard disk or HDD in most computing applications. And because SSD drives have no moving parts they are also totally silent, unless of course a cooling fan of some type is required.

  • Extremely Fast
  • Huge capacity
  • Cheap

Solid State Drives are also a lot less fragile than the hard disk they are now beginning to replace. In addition because there are no mechanical delays access times to the data are quicker and therefore SSD drives are faster than standard hard disks and they don’t need cooling fans either.

Faster Access Times

So there are lots of benefits that come with solid state drives and at some point in the no too distant future they will definitely replace the current hard disks in all new personal computers.

They are already being found in notebooks and laptops and have almost already become the new stanrd hard disk for netbooks, where portability, simplicity and reliability are paramount.

Currently they are still somewhat expensive, especially when compared gigabyte to gigabyte with standard computer hard disks, but as the technology improves and the mass market swings into gear prices will drop and at some time soon they will be priced the same as today mass produced hard disks.

Prices Are Dropping!

When this price point is reached then solid state drives will take over as the new standard disk drive for all computers and the current hard disk drive (HDD) will become a thing of the past.

Fortunately cheap ssd drives are already becoming available and if you shop around you should be able to get the deal that you want.

For more on solid state drives, their history and other details checkout SSDs at Wikipedia for a full description of what SSD drives can do and the benefits they offer.

In the past, most people and manufacturers were quite reluctant about using the SSD devices due to the exorbitant prices charged for them. But these days, the SSD devices have become more affordable as more and more manufacturers start manufacturing them, and considering the fact that their market has also matured due to competition. However, the SSD devices have their share of some demerits, for example, their performance tends to degrade with the passage of time specially if there have been a large number of rewrites.

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